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About us

If you are looking for Quality and almost new but Secondhand Branded Shoes and Clothes, Then you are at the right place. Based in Potsdam, working in Bayern, Team Zawoosh Export try their best to provide you high quality products in a cheap and affordable price range. As a B2B Company our focus is to stay for long and deal the best as market has yet seen.

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How we work

We believe in Market sustainability, therefore, we have chosen the leading recycling Companies from German’s state of Bayern to collect and buy quality products to sort, separate and sell the best. Our clothes, shoes, purses or any second hand products are collected from door to door Containers or collection areas of different Cities of the State Bayern Mostly from Munich City. Dealing with us you will always cherish success and profit in your region.

IStock 1168643158

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We are your second hand seller from Potsdam and sell unique second hand goods to second hand shops.



From used shoes to bags to summer or winter jackets - we have the right item of clothing for everyone.


Zawoosh Export UG

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